Our Recipes

Are you looking for a simple recipe for the pizza dough, recipe ideas for nibbles, or for pizza dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily? Discover the wide variety of light and somewhat more complex recipes from Dr. Oetker and try out the basic recipe for pizza dough or the sure-fire pizza recipes.

Simple pizza recipes to suit your taste

A couple of friends have spontaneously invited each other and you want the guests to be surprised with small snacks? The tomato pizza tongues – the small pizza boats with fresh tomatoes and goat cheese will delight every guest. Crazy about Pizza Ristorante, Tradizionale, Culinaria, and The Oven Fresh Pizza by Dr. Oetker and would you like to refine this with a few selected ingredients? Then try the pizza recipes for Culinaria American Hot Dog Style with homemade pumpkin ketchup, the Culinaria Greek Gyros Style with tzatziki, or the Rucola pizza, which is refined with the traditional Margherita pizza, with lettuce and fresh tomatoes. The unique taste and the delicious smell of this individual pizza will pamper everyone.

The pizza dough – the basis for your delicious pizza

Fancy a really crispy base for pizza and looking for the right pizza dough recipe? Bake with flour, water, sugar, salt, cooking oil, and dry yeast as ingredients and the recipe from Dr. Oetker makes the pizza dough himself. Thanks to the easy-to-follow preparation instructions and the tips and tricks from Dr. Oetker is guaranteed to make the pizza dough a success. Cover the pizza dough with different vegetables, ham, salami, or other selected ingredients according to your own wishes. Do you lack the time to bake the pizza dough yourself and you need an equivalent alternative? With the Italian style, pizza dough mix from Dr. Oetker creates a delicious pizza dough that tastes like an Italian. Try the savory apple pie with onions,