Convert Your Walk-In Freezer Into A Display Freezer

Walk-in coolers are a great investment for any business that deals with perishable products or foods/drinks that are best served chilled. Now, it could be that you already have a regular walk-in cooler, but you need a walk-in display unit. What would you do in this scenario? Easy. Just contact a reputable walk-in expert to help you with the process.


But before you reach out to the walk-in cooler experts, here are some tips to help you in the process of converting your walk-in cooler into a display unit.


• Get the right glass doors


The walk-in display freezers for sale will have glass doors to let the customers view the products that you are selling. Ideally, a display cooler will go well with around three glass doors. Each door should be 10ft high and 30 inches wide. Also, you should check that the opening is cut right above the door frame. This helps to make the conversion more efficient.


• Consider the shelving


The right shelving dimensions of the display door should be about 27 inches wide, and around 5 feet deep. The deeper the shelving, the more convenient it will be for the customers to access the products.


• There should be enough lighting


The display cooler might not be as elegant as such if the lighting is not plenty enough. That is why you should also consider the lighting of the unit. When choosing lighting for your display unit, you should know that they come either in LED or T8 output Each type of lighting offers an effective and essential light that will not affect the temperature inside the cooler. Alternatively, you can choose doors and shelves that come with built-in lights.


• Heated Glasses


One thing you should know when working with a display cooler is that they come with heated glasses. These glasses are heated to control condensation. It also affects the efficiency of the display cooler. But before you decide to convert your walk-in cooler, a proper audit must be conducted. A simple audit of the cooler lets you understand the available options when you want to convert the walk-in cooler.


If you don’t want to complicate your available walk-in cooler, you can simply choose to purchase a new display cooler. This will give you an easy time, but you should also be ready to spend some more money. For further help on how to go about your next display cooler, visit AWIC’s


American Walk-In Coolers and Freezers They offer their walk-in display coolers in different categories for you to choose the one that suits your business.